Christopher Heidemanns (Owner)

Your business success is my focus. My main aim is to help you fulfill your company's needs and exceed your expectations. As a goal-driven, internationally certified Project Management Professional (PMP), I have a proven track record of adding real value to companies - using structured, logical, yet creative methods.

"Your business success is my focus."

I have spent the last 20 years working as an employee and freelancer in different positions and in a multitude of industries (i.e. Financial Services, Auto, Publishing, Tourism and Education). This means you profit from my thorough understanding of cross-functional and cross-industry business practices. This, combined with my Master of Marketing Degree, means I have access to cutting-edge strategies that can help your company where you need it most.

I have worked in many different types of company structures - from multinational conglomerates (MNCs), to International Firms, Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs), Not-for-Profit Organisations, Family Owned Businesses and Government Agencies. Therefore, I have the ability to quickly understand your challenges, understand your business needs and get focused on producing results - fast.

Based on my work experience with more than 30 nationalities in 13 countries and spanning 4 continents, I have the reputation of being a flexible, diplomatic, goal driven, out-of-the-box thinker. Just what you need when looking for useful short-term support to boost your business. My references speak for themselves.

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Profile Summary

  • Proven Track Record with
    Excellent Cross-Industry References
  • Master of Marketing
  • Internationally Certified
    Project Manager (PMP)
  • 20 Years of Sales, Marketing, Project
    and Product Management Experience
  • Extensive Business Exposure -
    30 Nationalities, 13 Countries,
    4 Continents
  • Hands-on Experience in
    Varied Company Structures


Australian Pacific Tours GmbH

"As manager responsible for the Germanic and East European Markets,
Mr. Heidemanns developed and executed on a great number of sales and marketing strategies..."
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Gary Bartelings, Director