GEFA Gesellschaft für Absatzfinanzierung mbH

"Christopher Heidemanns was a key player in making our company-wide, and nation-wide, high profile bank-launch such a success. We can highly recommend him to any company looking for a dynamic and very reliable interim manager or consultant. further Details

His diplomatic character ensured that, very soon after he started, he was accepted as a valuable counterpart for the GEFA BANK Management and the GEFA Board of Directors. His strong business experience and acumen ensured that even the most difficult and diverse tasks were completed efficiently and effectively. Christopher Heidemanns not only met our expectations, he exceeded them."
Jochen Jehmlich, CEO and Speaker of the Board

GE Capital Bank AG

"We are very pleased with the results of OPTIMACTION's work. Thanks to the strategic consultancy and project management support provided, we were able to successfully introduce into the market, an extremely important product for our business. further details

Mr. Heidemanns actively supported us in each project phase - right from product development through to market implementation and post implementation management. His well-founded and prudent advice, coupled with his absolute motivation was extraordinarily valuable. The positive response from customers and the market exceeded all expectations. We hope to work together again with OPTIMACTION in future."
Georg P. Strich, Country General Manager

ISHR - International School Hannover Region

"By working with OPTIMACTION, we were able to gain a fresh perspective on our marketing strategy. Each step of the hands-on consultancy provided was focused entirely on attaining achievable, practical, measurable solutions so that the school's objectives could be reached. further details

Within a very short period of time, we were able to implement strategies, in order to successfully master the challenges faced by our institute. Even in our day-to-day business, we are still reaping benefits from the insights and solutions gained from this consultancy. We hope to profit again in future from Christopher Heidemanns' strong motivation and expertise."
Patricia Baier, Director

Australian Pacific Tours GmbH

"As manager responsible for the Germanic and East European Markets, Mr. Heidemanns developed and executed on a great number of sales and marketing strategies. Due to his diplomatic and international mindset, he mastered each cultural challenge. further details

With his ability to think out-of-the-box, he was able to find a great array of creative solutions, allowing the business to increase its sales and reduce its cost. We certainly recommend working with Mr. Heidemanns."
Gary Bartelings, Director

GE Money Bank GmbH

"A key feature of Christopher Heidemanns' work is his constant dedication. He continually focuses on practical solutions. He is result-oriented, while keeping the company's best interest in the forefront of his mind. He openly shares his cross-industry, international expertise with staff and colleagues, so that everybody profits. Christopher Heidemanns truly personifies these business ethics. further details

It was due to these strong working values that he was given an array of important positions within the company. As an example, as a Team Leader in Product Management his team was responsible for banking products that generated 80% of the firms revenue. You will certainy profit from working together with Christopher Heidemanns."
Sean Morrissey, CEO

KIA BANK (Registered Branch of GE Money Bank)

"In a small team we met the challenge of successfully establishing a new bank (KIA BANK) within six months. Mr. Heidemanns planned, developed and implemented the Marketing Strategy for this project. further details

The 11 sub-projects he was responsible for were all delivered on time, under budget and using only the tight resources available. His work is distinguished by his effectiveness, reliability as well as his ability to think strategically and out-of-the-box. Due to the excellent results attained in this high-profile project, Mr. Heidemanns received an award from the business. We would definitely like to work with him again in the future."
Alexander Riess, Project Leader KIA BANK

Citicorp Kartenservice GmbH

"Christopher Heidemanns brings with him years of sales experience. That is why he was promoted to lead our external sales team. further details

Thanks to his solution-oriented and innovative way of thinking, he developed training concepts to comprehensively train his team, as well as successfully developed compelling sales strategies and channels. Additionally, he broadened his sales expertise in our company by being responsible for international key accounts. His working style is precise and dependable. He possesses outstanding analytical and people skills. This also makes him an excellent trainer. I certainly recommend him and his work."
Tolga Iskir, Regional Sales Manager - Germany, Belgium and Holland