In-house Training

In-house Training should ultimatley assist in increasing business value.

Time to stimulate more financial growth? Do it by giving your employees further valuable tools.

With OPTIMACTION's in-house training, your firm can benefit from a fresh, external perspective. Seminar aspects range from marketing, strategy, sales and project management, right through to client and colleague cultural awareness. Content is based on years of experience. OPTIMACTION tailors individual training topics to suit your needs. Every effort is made to find the right mix of theory and practical application, so your employees and business can achieve the best profit possible.

The Right Fit and Flexible Mix

Trainings are only really useful, if they meet the immediate needs of a company. Whether for junior employees or senior executives, OPTIMACTION actively develops seminar content by target group. An added benefit for businesses with an international focus - trainings are conducted in German or in English. Whichever language you are looking for, OPTIMACTION places great emphasis on participants actively using tangible examples, to support the theory they have learned.

Your Benefits

  • Training in German or English
  • Variety of Business Topics
  • Tailored Content to Your Company's Needs
  • Healthy Mix of Theory and Practical Application
  • Adapted to Employee's Roles within the Firm
  • Cutting Edge Strategies and Methods

Business Example

Customer Segmentation and Product Positioning

In-house Training: "New Customer Segmentation and Product Positioning Methods" for CRM, PR, Brand & Advertising and Product Management departments.
GE Money Bank GmbH